This is the story of a Griot, a story of silence, a drum with no beat, no resonance in its chamber, somebody is playing, beating, trying to express himself, to share his history, his day to day life and his dreams to the world, but nobody hears it... 

The African Griot travels to tell his story, loaded with advice and wisdom disguised in clever tales and proverbs. Desperately he grabs a djembe and he says, "DJE" means peace and "BE" means gather, so lets gather, lets come together in peace and dance and celebrate our cultures and heritage.

It was loud around the Griot, everybody was speaking at the same time, chatting, posting to their timelines, sharing selfies, tweeting, broadcasting live on Instagram, Facebook and more.

But the old griot insists, and insists, and when i walked away he was still there insisting although nobody could hear him... i turned around and i saw him there standing tall and hoping... that someday someone would care...

I looked in his eyes and i realized, i am just like that Griot, we are all storytellers looking to be heard...

From the moment on that i was able to empathize and connect with the Griot, i started hearing the drum beats followed by his message...

"The Fool Speaks, The Wise Man Listens"...

StoryHustler is the interactive tale of a modern Griot, traveling the world and trying to tell the story of his people.

It is a story of cultural survival and involuntary renaissance as a hustler of the digital age.


It is the story of cultural survival, people and cultures trying to stay relevant, history looking for truth and justice raising from the dark. This project is as important as the continent it comes from, it is the only way to survive and stay relevant in the age of digital storytelling. If our tales, myths, languages, sayings don't take the journey towards the world wide web, they might soon be buried under a thick layer of inexistence and irrelevance.


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